Seasonal songs

Spring I

I can’t see the wind

I dig, dig, dig

I dig my garden, dig, dig, dig

I found a tiny snowdrop

I have heard a mother bird

I have made a pretty nest

I know a little pussy

I love the flowers

Ibble obble black bobble

I’m a little chick

I’m a little pancake

I’m a little leprechaun

In Springtime when the rains come down

In the Spring the leaves are budding

In the Springtime garden

In this little egg

Irish blessing

It happens each Spring

It’s Lady Spring


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The songs below are part ofAway we gocompiled, adapted and illustrated by Dany Rosevear

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I can’t see the wind 🔊



A lovely little poem by I. Eastwick with music by M. Swinger. A great song for free movement.


Swirl and sway around and up and down to the music either in place or moving in and out of each other; ensure each child has plenty of space.





































I can't see the wind, but the wind can see me.

It follows me dancing across Lanternlea.

It blows round my ankles, it puffs through my hair,

It tangles me up 'till I do not know where,

Or whither or thither or why I'm this way.

The way of the wind on a merry March day.




I dig, dig, dig 🔊



A traditional action rhyme.

It is time for some vigorous gardening out of doors. Put in the groundwork and you’ll soon have a garden fit for greenfingers.

Music and second verse by Dany Rosevear.


1. Mime digging, raking and weeding. Hands on hips, clap hands. 2. Hands show rain and sunshine, mime digging and raking. Hads, palms us rise, hands ro face.




























I dig, dig, dig and I plant some seeds,

I rake, rake, rake and I pull some weeds.

I wait and I watch and soon I know,

My garden sprouts and starts to grow.


The rain it rains and the sun shines bright,

I  rake and hoe from morn to night .

My garden is growing before my eyes:

Fruit, flowers and veg, each a lovely surprise.





I dig my garden, dig, dig, dig 🔊



Time for some vigorous hand play.

‘What can I do?’ A perennial question to a problem but there is always a solution – let your imagination run riot – not too cruel though!


Mime digging with a spade. with. Plant seeds then put hand to brow. Put hands like rabbit ears to head, wave forefinger. Pretend to eat carrots. Wave hand to shoo away rabbit.  Make rabbit come back with hand and two pointed fingers. Throw out hands.





































I dig my garden, dig, dig, dig,

I dig my garden, I dig it deep.

I plant the seeds and I watch them grow,

But along comes a rabbit and oh, no no!

He eats my carrots, munch, munch, munch;

He eats my carrots, he eats the whole bunch.

I run to the garden with a “Shoo, shoo, shoo!”

But the rabbit will come back,

Oh, what can I do?





I found a tiny snowdrop  🔊



The tiny snowdrop is the harbinger of Spring of better times to come or at least warmer weather! This dear little poem was written by Christina T. Owen and the music is by Dany Rosevear.



















I found a tiny snowdrop,

A-blooming in the cold,

I’ll share with you the secret

The little flower told:

“Though winter still is here,

It hasn’t long to stay,

I came ahead to tell you

That spring is on its way!

That spring is on its way!”





I have heard a mother bird O



How do we know when Spring has come? We can hear, see and feel it!



























I have heard a mother bird, singing in the rain,

Telling all her little ones, Spring has come again!


I have seen a wave of green, down a lovely lane,

Making all the hedges glad, Spring has come again!


I have found a patch of ground, golden in the sun,

Crocuses are calling out: Spring just begun!



I have made a pretty nest O


This song is from ‘Fingers and Thumbs’ by Ann Elliot possibly in the 1950s and featured on Australian ABC TV Play School in 1966.

1.     Interlock fingers with palms up 2. Open and close thumb and index fingers of each hand 3. Spread hands apart 4. Cross arms at wrist and flap hands

































I have made a pretty nest, look inside, look inside,

Hungry birdies with their beaks, open wide, open wide,

See my little birdies grow, day by day, day by day,

Till they spread their little wings and then they fly away!



I know a little pussy O


Learn to go up and down the scales with this song.

Sing the meows quickly.

Squat and move up slowly then down again more quickly. On SCAT! jump up high.
































I know a little pussy,

Her coat is silver grey,

She lives down in the meadow,

Not very far away.

Although she is a pussy,

She’ll never be a cat,

For she’s a pussy willow,

Now what do you think of that?

Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow… SCAT!




I love the flowers O


A cheerful uplifting song that rises steadily and then returns to its beginnings. This is a great song for creating one’s own verses.

The ‘season’s verse is my own effort in honour of the  four seasons that bring such a wonderful variety of weathers and adds to the richness of our countryside especially with its effect on our flora and fauna..































I love the flowers,

I love the daffodils.

I love the mountains,

I love the rolling hills.

I love the fireside

When all the lights are low.


Boom-dee-ah-ra, boom!


I love the sunshine,

I love the falling snow.

I love the raindrops,

I love the winds that blow.

I love the changing light

As the seasons come and go.


Boom-dee-ah-ra, boom!



Ibble obble black bobble O


This rhyme is more usually associated with ‘dipping’ games allowing the players to select an individual to be ‘it’ or to count them out in a playground games.

To play Hold hands facing a partner and make a sawing motion back and forth. On the third line swing arms over head and turn round to face each other once again. On the word ‘twice’ repeat movement in the opposite direction. Make a sawing motion as before and on the word ‘out’ jump round to face away from partner. Find a new partner and start again.





































Ibble obble black bobble,

Ibble obble out.

Turn the little dishcloth inside out,

Once if it's dirty,

Twice if it's clean,

Ibble obble black bobble,

Ibble obble out.



I’m a little chick  🔊



A song for Easter or when hatching chicks in the classroom.


1. Crouch down with hands over head. 2. Peck with hands. 3. Scratch. 4. Jump up.

5. Flap elbows up and down then open and close hands like a beak.































I'm a little chick

Just ready to hatch,

Pecking at my shell,

With a scratch, scratch, scratch!

When I crack it open,

Out I'll leap!

I’ll fluff up my feathers,

And go “Cheep! Cheep! Cheep!”



I’m a little pancake O


A similar version of this song based on ‘I’m a little teapot’ is used in swimming lessons for toddlers.

Make pancakes and choose toppings. You could make simple graphs to show which are the most popular.




























I’m a little pancake round and fat,

You can see my tummy but not my back.

When I start to sizzle and turn brown,

Toss me up high and flip me round.

Make arms round above head. Pat tummy then back. Shake body. Jump up high and turn round.


I’m a scrumptious pancake, yes it’s true,

Here’s an example of what you can do:

First squeeze on some lemon merrily,

Then shake on the sugar and roll me for your tea.

Rub tummy. Shake finger. Make squeezing motion with hands.

Shake hands and roll arms.



I’m a little leprechaun 🔊



The little man of Ireland. A simple song for St. Patrick’s Day.


1st verse: 1. Put hands on hips, point to clothing. 2. Show size with thumb and forefinger. 3. Make a grabbing motion. 4. Throw out hand.

2nd  verse: 1. Point to self. 2. Point to boots or stamp, fingertips touch above head. 3. Draw rainbow with both hands. 4. Put hands to eyes, raise thumb.





























I'm a little leprechaun dressed in green,

The tiniest man that you have seen.

If you ever catch me, so it's told,

I'll give you my big pot of gold.


I’m a little leprechaun, imagine that,

With my little green boots and my big green hat.

At the end of the rainbow, so it’s told,

You will find my pot of gold.



In Springtime when the rains comes down 🔊



Which season do you like best? A Spring hand play.


1. Fingers move down. 2. Wiggle forefinger. 3. Hand to eyes then wiggle fingers on both hands. 4. Cross forefingers. 5. Hold up four fingers, hands to heart. 6. Wag finger.
































In springtime when the rains come down

I look for worms in the soft brown ground.

I watch for grass and buds on trees,

For daffodils and bumblebees!

All seasons four I love to see

But Spring’s the one that sings to me!




In the Spring the leaves are buddingO


A song of the seasons. Possibly written by Jan Betts


















In the Spring the leaves are budding,

Green, green leaves are budding.

In the Spring the leaves are budding,

Budding on the trees.


In the Summer leaves are rustling,

Green, green leaves are rustling.

In the Summer the leaves are rustling,

Rustling on the trees.


In the Autumn leaves are falling,

Brown, brown leaves are falling.

In the Autumn leaves are falling,

Falling from the trees.


In the Winter leaves are sleeping,

Brown, brown leaves are sleeping.

In the Winter the leaves are sleeping,

Sleeping in the trees.




In the Springtime garden 🔊



A Spring hand play.

The sun begins to warm the ground, soft rain falls; a waking call to the tiny seeds that lie patiently under the earth.

By M.Meyerkot and N.Foster. Second verse by Dany Rosevear.


Verse 1. Wiggle fingers outwards then down. Put hands together and move upwards. Verse 2. Stretch arms up and outwards. Put hand to ear. Wiggle fingers downwards. Put hands together and move upward splaying fingers out at face.





























In the Springtime garden,

Rosy morning glow.

Sunshine falling, calling, falling,

Seedlings wake and grow.


In the waking garden,

Seedlings heed Spring’s call.

Feel soft rain and warming sunshine,

Push up strong and tall.



In this little egg 🔊



The wonderful surprise of new life. An Easter hand play.


1. Form egg with thumbs and forefingers. 2. Place hands to cheek. 3. Put finger to mouth. 4. Nod. 5. Open and close thumb and forefinger. 6. Point to eyes. 7. Clap hands in surprise.































In this little egg

A tiny baby sleeps,

He lies so very still,

He doesn't make a peep;

One day very soon

A pecking sound you'll hear,

And before your very eyes

A baby chick appears!




Irish blessing  🔊



This traditional blessing has been set to music by Elizabeth Gilpatrick as a partner song in her book ‘Come join in!’ I have arranged it here simply as a short song.































May troubles be less and blessings be more,

May nothing but happiness come to your door.

And may you have luck wherever you go;

Your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow.


May winds be at your back and sunshine overhead.

May friends be at your side wherever you are led.





It happens each Spring O


The Seeing and Doing anthology credits this song to Scunthorpe and District Teacher’s Centre. It has also featured without the chorus on BBC radio’s Playtime.







































New leaves are growing because it is Spring,

New buds are showing because it is Spring,

New grass needs mowing because it is Spring,

Oh why does it happen each Spring?


Why does it happen like this every year?

Who tells them all when to grow?

It’s not just by accident, that’s very clear,

It’s something that I would like to know.


New flowers are peeping because it is Spring,

New lambs are leaping because it is Spring,

New birds are cheeping because it is Spring,

Oh why does it happen each Spring?





It’s Lady Spring  🔊



A circle game

This comes from ‘Festivals, family and food’ by Diana Carey and Judy Large published 1982.
























Look who's here it's Lady Spring,

Lady Spring, Lady Spring.

Look who's here it's Lady Spring,

Lady Spring is here.


Who’ll come into our wee ring,

Our wee ring, our wee ring,

Who’ll come into our wee ring

And dance with Lady Spring?


Ethan will come into our wee ring,

Our wee ring, our wee ring,

Ethan will come into our wee ring,

And dance with Lady Spring?


Come and dance said Lady Spring,

Lady Spring, Lady Spring.

Come and dance said Lady Spring,

We're off to dance and sing!




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