Winter songs G-H

Good morning Mister Snowman

Goodbye old year

Hands are cold and feet are cold

Hedgehog hibernates

Here we come a-wassailing (1)

Here we come a-wassailing (2)

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The songs below are part ofAway we gocompiled, adapted and illustrated by Dany Rosevear

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Good morning Mister Snowman 🔊



Here one day, gone the next.

With more than a nod to the ‘The dingle dangle scarecrow’.

Words and music by Dany Rosevear.

1. Wave and point. 2 Hands across chest, form sun. 3. Hand to ear. 4. Move body in a wobbly way. The same with hands above head. 5. With hands pointing downwards wiggle fingers.







































Good morning Mister Snowman,

And how are you today?

I’m very well thank you,

‘Til the sun comes out to play,

Then you will hear me say,

“I’m a slushy, sloppy snowman

With a soggy, floppy hat;

I will drip and drop like this,

And drip and drop like that.”



Goodbye old year 🔊



Dragon is on the move. One for Chinese New Year. Not sure where this one came from – probably a more recent offering. It would be good with loud percussion instruments combined with a Chinese dragon dance.































Goodbye old year, Celebrate the new one.

This is the dragon’s time,

We can have some good fun!

Dragon’s play, Cymbals crash!

Dragons leap, Colours flash!

Goodbye old year, Celebrate the new one.

This is the dragon’s time,

We can have some good fun!

Ribbons wave, Red and gold

Dancers move Strong and bold!




Hands are cold and feet are cold O



Cold weather play is fine as long as you know how to keep warm.

A traditional song from Barbara Ireson’s ‘Over and over again’. The second verse is by Dany Rosevear.


























Hands are cold and feet are cold,

Icy winds are blowing,

Rub your hands and stamp your feet,

And soon they will be glowing.


Gloves are warm and scarves are warm

When winter snows are falling,

Jump about, run fast and shout,

If Jack Frost comes a-calling.



Hedgehog hibernates 🔊



A winter handplay. An opportunity to consider the animals that need to hibernate once the winter chill settles in. This rhyme come from a site where you can find out more about such creatures:

Music by Dany Rosevear.

Rub arms. Interlink fingers to make hedgehog, pull into chest.Fingers move through the air. With palms curled up touching thumbs make a circle. Make pile of leaves with finger tips. Make hedge hog. Put hands to cheek.







































Here comes winter, cold and grey,

The hedgehog tucks itself away.

Here comes ice and frost and snow,

It needs somewhere warm to go.

Here comes mist and freezing fog,

Here's a good old hollow log,

Inside a pile of leaves so deep;

It curls up tight and goes to sleep.



Here we come a-wassailing (1) 🔊



A festive song to greet the New Year, a version made familiar by the Watersons.

Chosen as it is not unusual for rather scrawny red foxes to visit our garden and settle and sleep in perfect circles on piles of grass cuttings in the sunshine. Just love to watch them saunter through the garden.




































Here we come a-wassailing among the leaves so green,

Here we come a-wandering so fairly to be seen,

Now is winter-time; stranger travel far and near,

And we wish you, send you, a happy New Year.


Bud and blossom, bud and blossom, bud and bloom and bear,

So we may have plenty of cider all next year;

Apples all in capfuls and bushel bags and all,

There’s cider running out of every gutter hole.


Down in yonder muddy lane there sits an old red fox,

Starving and a-shivering and licking his old chops;

Bring us out your table and spread it if you please,

And give us hungry wassailers a bit of bread and



I've got a little purse and it's made of leather skin,

A little silver sixpence would line it well within;

Now is winter-time; strangers travel far and near,

And we wish you, send you, a happy New Year.

And we wish you, send you, a happy New Year.



Here we come a-wassailing (2) 🔊



Another ‘Wassail’ to greet the New Year. ‘Wassail’ has evolved from the Old English toast ‘ woes hal’ meaning ‘be whole, be well’ and later became part of a Christmas tradition of feasting, revelry and folk traipsing from door to door singing Christmas carols.




































Here we come a-wassailing

Among the leaves so green,

Here we come a-wandering

So fairly to be seen.


Love and joy come to you,

And to you your wassail too

And bless you and send you, a Happy New Year.

And send you, a Happy New Year.


We are not daily beggars

That beg from door to door,

But we are neighbours’ children

That you have seen before.


We have a little purse

Made of leather stretching skin,

A little silver sixpence

Would line it well within;


Bring us out your table

And spread it with a cloth,

Bring us out a mouldy cheese

And some of your Christmas broth.


Bless the master of this house.

Likewise the mistress too;

And all the little children

That round the table go.



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