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Old favourites from

my childhood

A-H   I-R   S-Z

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Songs for a better world A-L  M-R

S-T  U-Z



A treasury of games and songs

For the very young A-C YouT

Adios amigos

All around the daffodils

All my little ducklings

Andy Pandy, sugar and candy

Alphabet song

Animal babies

Baby, baby clap your hands

Baby goes boom-boom

Ball rolling

Bibbidi, bobbidi boo

Blowing bubbles (2)

Bubbles in the air

Button up!

Call the tooth fairy

Can you walk on tiptoe?

Circle of the sun

Cows in the kitchen

Clap your hands little Andrew Brown

Clap your hands together like this

Come sleepyheads

Crackers and crumbs

Cuckoo! Cherry tree

For the very young D-H

Dance, dance baby

Dance, my child, dance

Down by the greenwood sidey-o

Eye Winker, Tom Tinker

Flippity flop

Good morning Mr. Sun

Good morning to you!

Have you heard the cat at night?

Here are my ears

Here sits a mousie

Hickety tickety bumble-bee

Humpty Dumpty fell in a puddle

Hop a little, skip a little

How many toes has baby dear?

For the very young I-O

I can run as fast as you

I have two eyes to see with

I know a hairy bear

I met a little tidy mouse

I’m a tall, tall tree

Ipsy dipsy doo dum

It’s time for us to go

It’s time to put our coats on

Little butterfly

Little friend, let’s merry be

Little horses, little horses

Little snail / Lilla snigel

Little spider

Mary come a-runnin’

Morning wishes

Mother, may I go out to swim?

My wonderful bundle of fun

Mud pies

Niddledy noddeldy

On my face I have a nose

One little bumble bee

Owl in the tree says, “Whoo, whoo, whoo!”

Pickles in the pickle pot

Pray open your umbrella

Puppy’s little paddy paws

For the very young R-W YouT

Rabbit ain’t got no tail at all

Reach for the stars (Bend and stretch)

Roly poly, roly poly

Rose, Rose and up she rises

Round and round the lighthouse

Sailing to storyland

Sana, sana, colita de rana

See the ponies galloping

Skip around the room

Stop! Look! Listen!

Sweet water rollling

Swing me over the water

Tall and small

Thank you friends

The big black crow

The birds in the trees

There is someone who is hiding

The little white duck says

There’s a little bunny

This little hand is a good little hand

Three little ducklings

Thumbkin, Pointer

Tickle the clouds

Time for us to go

Time to put your coat on

Turn around and touch the ground

Vegetables are good for me

“Wake!” says the sunshine

We’re clapping

What little animals say

Where, oh where has my little dog gone?

Whoops Tommy!

What shall we do when we all go out?

Who is the bees knees?

Wiggly is a wee wee worm



Poems + action and other rhymes for children

Snip, snap crocodile A-G H-K

Snip, snap crocodile L-O  P-S

 T a-q

Snip, snap T Snip, snap U-Z

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Count away

Nursery number favourites

To 3  To 3T-Z To 5 A-F

To 5 F To 5 Fo-z  To 5 G-Z

To 10 A-N To 10 O-Z To 100

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Sing a song of seasons

Songs for Christmas/Thanksgiving

A-E 📦 F-J K-N🔔O-R 🔔 S 🔔 T-Z 🎅

Winter songs A – H I J – O..P- Z

Spring songs

A-B   C   D-H  I- J-O  P-S  Sp-Sw  T-Z

Summer songs  A-E  F-H  I-N  O-S T-Z

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Playground and outside games

Follow-my-leader and other games 1

Follow-my-leader and other games 2


Little river of song

A children’s treasury of singing games, songs, poems and rhymes from around the world

Complete with chords, music and lyrics

Songs from other lands are accompanied by singable English translations.

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A treasury of games and songs

More action songs A-B YouT

A-dancing we will go

A fairy came a-dancing

A jumbo jet

A jump, a jump, a jump

A little star / The stars, moon and me

A ram sam sam

All the little ducks turn upside down

As swift as a swallow

At the bottom of the sea

Baby bumble bee

Baby ducks

Bananas, bananas

Bend your body

Birthay months

Blow a kiss

Bobbing up and down like this

Bow to your partner

Buddies and pals

Build it up

More action songs C

Can you hop like a rabbit?

Can you walk on two legs?

Can you wiggle like a worm?

Caterpillar, bye-bye

Chee chee chaw / Singin’ in the rain

Chest, chest, knee, toe

Clap your hands and wiggle your fingers

Clap your hands with me

Climb, climb up Sunshine Mountain

Come rowing with me

Cranes reach up

Cuddly koalas

More action songs D-G YouT

Dandelions yellow

Do, do pity my case

Do your ears hang low?

Down by the banks of the Hanky Panky

Down is the Earth

Everybody do this

Everybody gogo, Chamniamo gogo

Everybody knows I love my toes

Fire down below

Fly, fly, fly

Fairies’ marching song

Fly, little birdie, fly

Fooba Wooba John

Four white horses

From little acorns

Gilly gilly gilly good morning

Good morning dear Earth

Grab that spider, tiger

More action songs H YouT

Hands go up and hands go down

Hardy sailors all

Have you ever climbed a tree?

Have you seen the little ducks?

Head and shoulders, knees and toes

Head, shoulders, baby

Head, shoulders, knees and toes

Helpful hands

Hop up and jump up

How do you do ?


Sunshine pie

Songs written by Dany Rosevear

Australian originals YouT

An Australian animal alphabet

(Tread lightly on the Earth my friend)

Did you ever see a kangaroo?

Grandma saw a possum

Great big boomers

If you want to see a wallaby

Inky pinky pumpkin pie

Kevin the Crow

The sea sings to me

Whales can’t ride a bike

Who wants an octopus cuddle?

With Wynken, Blynken and Nod

Down the garden path YouT

Bees, knees and thrushes ankles

Busy little bees

Can you step, can you hop?

Georgina’s garden

Good evening, hungry hedgehog

Here comes the little centipede

Here comes trouble!

If a bee is buzzing round you

Little sparrow

Look up, look down

Rob Webb and the cobweb

Snails lunch

The yellow digger

How are you today? YouT

A grumpy song

A hand washing song

 “Atchoo, atchoo!” sneezed the zebra

Don’t put me in the bath ma!

Get moving penguin

Go hug a tree

Good morning, good morning

I can jump in stinky cheese

Peppermint toothpaste

Stomping on a spider

The tree in my garden

Number songs YouT

Can you count?

Five snow angels

Seven little crocodiles

Going down to Devon

Ants in their pants

Don’t wake the dinosaurs!

Dragon came to tea

Granny’s got the fleas

The little seal pup

On the farm YouT

Fox went out in the pale moonlight

Owl hunts*

Whoopsy diddle dum a dandy-o!*

Out and about YouT

A big sunshine pie

A-galloping we will go

Everywhere they go

Go, granny, go!

Off on a bike ride

Penny roll

Tiddley pom

Sing a song of seasons YouT

Pick up a leaf

Robin-a-bobbin’s present

Six little acorns

Round go the seasons

Tick tock change the clocks

Songs about colour 

A rainbow world of colour

The pink, pink, pink, pink flamingo

Wellies stomp, wellies stamp

Story time YouT

Little Red Riding Hood

Jimbo and Jack

The mermaid and the whale

With Wynken, Blynken and Nod

Wild things 1 YouT

Wild things 2


Hop skip

and away we go

The original collection

Creatures great and small YouT

Balancing elephants

Bow wow wow

Brave brave mouse

Shoo fly*

Six little frogs

Harvest time / At the mill YouT

Adam and Eve*

Creep, mousie, creep*

Dingle dangle scarecrow

Hot potato

Jimmy crack corn*

Jolly is the miller

Pick a bale of cotton

Oats and beans and barley

Old Roger is dead

Shake them ’simmons down

The muffin man

Meeting and greeting YouT

Bow Belinda


Here comes a bluebird

Jim along Josie

Jingle at the window

The waves roll high YouT

Bobbing up and down*

Charlie over the ocean*

Four in a boat

The alley-alley-O

Wade in the water YouT

Draw a bucket of water

Floating down the river

Scraping up sand (Shiloh)

Away we go! YouT

Dusty bluebells

Little red wagon

Little black train

My aunt came back


Rise, sugar, rise

Round and round the village

Train is a-comin’


Who are you?! YouT

Grand old Duke of York

Hansel and Gretel’s Dance

I’m a big bright star

I’m a little Dutch child

Old King Glory

Sing a song of sixpence

Sur le pont d‘Avignon



Away we go

Round and about

It’s a wonderful world YouT

Ali Baba’s farm (Turkish)

Epo i tai tai e

Hello, hello everybody

Mi chacra


The courtyard of my house


Yat yih sam (Chinese)

Out of Africa

Ah wune kune

Che che koolayYouT

Fatou yo

Funga Alafia YouT


Obiswana YouT

Tue tue

Dance around Europe 1 YouT

Ah, my little Augustine (German)

Bear sleeps (Norway Sweden)

Cousin Peter (German)

Dancing ladybirds (Polish)

Little frogs (Swedish)

Ritsch ratsch (Swedish)

Sarasponda (Dutch)

Snail, snail (Polish)

Spring song (German)

The more we get together

Dance around Europe 2 YouT

Amichi Charlie, Charlie

Danse del amics

El Patatuf

Just like the moon

Lundi matin

My clarinet

My father’s garden


Dance around North America 1 YouT

Bonjour mes amis, bonjour

Father Abraham

Mighty pretty motion

Threw it out the window

When ducks get up

Wind, wind sugar baby

Yankee doodle

Dance around North America 2YouT

Boa constrictor

Der glumph!

Elephants have wrinkles

Fire in the mountain

Monkey see, monkey do

Skinamarinky dinky dink

Some folk do



Away we go

Round and about

Play party songs YouT

Hey, Betty Martin

Here comes Sally

Old brass wagon

Pig in the parlour

Sandy land

Weevily wheat

Afro American songs YouT

All around the kitchen

Here we go zudio

Hop, old squirrel

Little Sally Walker

Mister Rabbit

Oh, watch the stars

Wake me! Shake me!

You gotta sing

Ain’t it great to be crazy YouT

Ain’t it great to be crazy

Doing the monster stomp

Down by the bay

Down in the jungle

It ain’t gonna rain no more

Knees up Mother Brown

Shake those sillies out

She sailed away

Playground favourites YouT

Doctor Dingle, Doctor Jingle

Down by the river

Knees up Mary Muffet

Sally go round the sun

We are going to Kentucky

When Susie was a baby

For the very youngest YouT

Dance to your daddy

Handy spandy

Here we go up, up, up

Hop little bunnies

Jump Jim Joe

Roosters and hens

Row your boat

See-saw Margery Daw

Walking, walking

Nursery favourites YouT

Alice the camel

Ha ha this away

Wind the bobbin up

Aeroplanes, aeroplanes

Kangaroo Brown*

The bear went over the mountain

Bobby Bingo

Tiny Tim

My pigeon house

Classic singing games YouT

A ring o’roses

Green gravel

Little sandy girl

Mrs. Bond

Nuts in May

Oranges and lemons

Pop! Goes the weasel

The farmer’s in his den

The mulberry bush

This old man

Over the ocean YouT

A sailor went to sea

Bully in the alley

I’se the b’y

John Kanaka-naka

Roll the old chariot along

Turn the glasses over

When I was one

When we dance the polka

More nursery favourites YouT

Hickory dickory dock

I’m a little teapot

Incy Wincy spider

Little Arabella Miller


Ride a cock horse



A treasury of games and songs

Games to play with baby/Tickle rhymes YouT

A tickle for your toes

Baby-bye (2)

Big toe, tall toe

Cobbler, cobbler mend my shoe

Come my little darling

Criss-cross applesauce

Dance, little baby, dance up high

Dormy, dormy, dormouse

Eyes nose, cheeky, cheeky chin

Here comes a little mouse

I found a little ladybird

Knock at the door

Mix and stir and pat in the pan

On my toe there is a flea

Peek-a-boo, peek-a-boo

Pitty patty polt

Games to play with baby S-Z YouT

Round and round the garden

Sailing, sailing

See my little hammer

See the little mousie

She didn’t dance

Slowly, slowly, very slowly

That’s the way the baby grows

The moon is round

This little cow eats grass

This little piggy

This little wind

Wake little fingers

Where, oh where are baby’s fingers

Whoops Tommy!

Up, up, up to baby’s nose



A treasury of action songs

More action songs T YouT

Tall as a tree

Teddy has the measles

The black cat yawns

The earth needs the raindrops

The elephant wobbles from

The lighthouse songThe oak in the acorn

The other say I met a bear

The prehistoric animal parade

The snail

The wise man and the foolish man

There was a crocodile

There’s a spider on the floor

Tippy tippy tiptoe

Today is Monday

Tohora nui / The big whale

Tom saw a sailor

Tommy was a baker


Tony Chestnut

Touch your nose, touch your chin

Touch your shoulders


Two little boats are on the sea

Two little hands

Two, two, what are two?

More action songs U-Z YouT

Up, down, turn around

Up I stretch on tippy toe

Walk all around

Walk and stop

Way up in the sky

We are woodmen sawing trees

We’ll hop, hop, hop like a bunny

We’re five jolly pirates

We’re marching in our wellingtons

We’re marching to the drum

What is an insect?

Wheels keep turning

Wiggle and freeze

Willum he had seven sons

Wishi ta doya

With my little broom

You can stamp your feet

Lap play games A-L YouT

A farmer went trotting

Acka backa soda cracker

Bell horses

Big A little A

Bimbo, Bimbo

Boing! Boing! Squeak!

Bounce you up

Charley Barley buck and rye

Chip, chip my little horse

Come up horsey / Little lap dog lullaby

Dobbin, Dobbin

Father and mother, and Uncle John

Five little riders on a nice fall day

Lap play games G-L YouT

Granny and Mama and a horse named May

Green grow the rushes, O

Here come three kings a-riding

Hop up my ladies

Hokey pokey

Horsey horsey

Horses horses

How many days has my baby to play?

I want someone to buy me a pony

I’m galloping Jack

Jack be nimble

John Smith, fellow fine

Little blue whale

Lap play games O-S YouT

Mama don’t allow

My bunny hops all through the garden

O Kafoozalum

O Mrs Sippy O

On grandpa’s knee

One, two three a’lairy

One, two three, baby’s on my knee

Ride a mile on daddy’s foot

Ride away ride away

Ride, baby, ride

She fell into the bathtub

Sitting in a high chair

So fast, so fast my horse can go

Stop, look and listen

Sweet heart, sweetheart, you’re my star

Lap play games T-Z YouT

The galloping major

The lost shoe

The meadow-bout fields

This is the way the ladies ride

Trip a trop a tronjes

To market, to market to buy a fat pig

Tommy O’Flynn

Trot, old Joe

Trot, trot to London

Trot trot trot

Walter, Walter Wagtail

What shall we do with the grumpy pirate

Zoom, zoom, zoom

More nursery favourites YouT

Diddle diddle dumpling

Down at the station

Jack in the box

Johnny get your hair cut

Miss Polly had a dolly

Teddy bear teddy bear

The wheels on the bus



A treasury of songs

Song cupboard T3 YouT

The owl

The purple bamboo

The snow-white bird

The sweet nightingale

The Walloping Windowblind

The wraggle taggle gypsies

There ain’t no bugs on me

There once was a sow

There was a big fish

There was a good old woman

There was a man

There was a monkey

There’s a fox in a box

Song cupboard T4 YouT

There’s a hole in my bucket

There’s a hole in the bottom of the sea

There’s a little wheel a-turning

There’s a sun for the morning

There’s someone living on a big high hill

There was a big fish

This little light of mine

Three jolly rogues of Lynn

Three men went a-hunting

Tip toe, tip toe dinosauar

Tortoise and the Hare

Tozie Mozie

Treading the water wheel


Turn on the sun

Song cupboard U-W YouT

Uncle Noah’s ark

Up in a balloon

Wade in the water

Walking through the jungle

Waltzing with bears

We are all noddin’

We are little sunbeams

Wee Mr. Wagtail

We’re going to dig, dig, dig

What care we?

What shall I do when a button pops?

What shall we do with the old sow’s hide?

Song cupboard When-Z YouT

When I first came to this land

When I was young I had no sense

When the train comes along

Where are you going little birdie?

Where did you get that hat?

Who built the ark?

Who wants to dance with the pretty porcupine?

Wild mountain thyme

Wim wim wobble-O

Yellow bird

Yonder come day

You are my flower



A treasury of songs

Song cupboard R-S YouT

Rabbit run on the frozen ground

Raccoon’s got a bushy tail

Ring ding dong Johnny



Risha rasha rusha

Sandy River bells

Say, bonnie lassie

Scarborough Fair

Shine like the sun

Simple gifts

Sing a song of spaceships

Sing ivy

Shadows go round

Shady Grove

Shake that little foot, Dinah-O

Shanghai chicken

Shortnin’ bread

Song cupboard Sm-Sw YouT



Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah

Somewhere there’s a forest

Song of the Delhi tongawallah

Song of the bugs

Song of the fishes

Sourwood Mountain

Spin, spider, spin

Star of the evening

Story of Creation

Sun and stars

Susie, little Susie

Sweet potatoes

Star festival song / Tanabata-sama

Song cupboard T1 YouT

Tadpoles and Salamanders /

Down by the creek

Take time in life

Tell me what the jaybird say

Thank goodness for gravity

The bell cow

The best things in life are free

The birch tree (Beriozka)

The bird song

The blacksmith

The carrion crow

The cockle gatherer

The cuckoo/Peter’s flowing stream

The Derby Ram

The family of man

The frog and the crow

The frog and the mouse

Song cupboard T1g-n YouT

The golden boat

The Golden Vanity

The goose and the gander

The grey hawk

The gypsy rover

The jackfish

The keeper

The lambs in the green fields

The lion is king of the jungle

The lost pony

The man in the moon as he sails the sky

The merry green fields of the lowland

Song cupboard T2 YouT

The old hen cackled

The old grey duck

The old grey mare

The old woman and the pig

The pearly Adriatic

The poor king

The river is flowing

The shepherd and his dog

The shiny little house

The Skye boat song

The sparrow’s nest

The Spider and the Fly

The spinning song

The squirrel

The Tottenham toad

The tailor and the mouse

The water is wide

The wee falorie man

The winds they did blow/The squirrel

The whale, the whale

The worm song




A treasury of songs

Song cupboard A- YouT

A basket full of nuts

A dog and a mouse

A cat came a-fiddling out of a barn

A frog went walking

A hundred years ago

A little bird sat on a tree

A nonsense song

A place in the choir

A sly old fox am I

A smile is quite a funny thing

Al tambor del Alegria

All around my hat

All the little chickens in the garden

Among the little white daisies

Away into space

Away with the fairies

Song cupboard B YouT

Bam chi chi bam

Bananas in pyjamas

Be happy, be happy, today

Beauty around us

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Bill Grogan’s goat

Billy Boy

Billy McGee McGaw

Billy Pringle

Blow away the morning dew

Blue skies

Boatman dance, boatman sing

Bobby Shaftoe

Bought me a ca

Bring a little water, Sylvie

Brush, brush, brush

By the light of the silvery moon

Bye bye, blackbird

Song cupboard C-D YouT

Cape Cod girls

Captain Patch the pirate

Caterpillars only crawl

Chatter with the angels

Cluck, old hen

Cockles and mussels

Country life

Cows in the kitchen

Crawdad song

Crocodile smiles

Crow on the cradle

Great big boomers

Days of the week

Dinosaurs, dinosaurs

Dog and cat

Donna, donna

Don’t drop litter

Don’t eat all the worms

Don’t waste water

Down in the meadow, hop a doodle

Ducks in the millpond

Every day is a happy day

Song cupboard F-G YouT

Farmer Brown’s cow

Father Grumble

Ferry boat

Fiddle dee dee

Follow the drinking gourd

Footsteps on the landing / Night piece

Four strong winds

Fox went out on a chilly night

Free little bird

Freight train, freight train

Frog went a-courting

Garden song, The / Inch by inch

Get away / To market, to market

Granny will your dog bite?

Go round, go round

Go tell Aunt Rhody

Going down the valley

Good, better, best

Good manners

Good morning, lords and ladies

Good morning merry sunshine

Goodmorning Mr. Hedgehog

“Good morning!” said the shining sun

Good peanuts

Green corn, green corn

Ground hog

Song cupboard H YouT

Had a little rooster

Hansel and Gretel

Happiness runs

Happy as a robin

Happy birthday

Happy to be me

Hear mosquito buzzing

Hear the blackbird sing

Hello, somebody, hello

Here’s to Cheshire, here’s to cheese

Hey, ho, the wind and the rain / When that I was and a little tiny boy

Hey lilely, lilely lo

Hill an’ gully

Hoist the window

Honey spread on brown, brown bread

Hop-a-long Peter

How to make a fairy happy

Song cupboard I YouT

I am glad for my two eyes

I had a little sailboat

I have a little house

I have a little tiny house

I know where I’m going

I like peace, I like quiet

I love my little donkey

I saw a ship a-sailing

I-Spy birds

Song cupboard Iw YouT

I went to the animal fair

I went to the cabbages

I wish I had the shepherd’s lamb

If all the seas were one sea

If I were a blackbird

If we could consider each otherd

It could be a wonderful world

It’s a small world

It’s an insect world



A treasury of games and songs

More action songs I YouT

I am a pine tree

I am the music man

I can hear my hands go clap, clap, clap

I jump out of bed in the morning

I have a little bicycle

I have caught a big fat trout

I saw a little leaf

I wake up my hands

I wiggle  my fingers

I wish I were a little bird

If I could have a windmill

If I were a little bird

If I were so very small

If you were a farmer

If you’re happy and you know it

I’m a jolly pirate

I’m a nut

I’m a shiny robot

I’m going to blow a bubble

I’m walking like a robot

Immediate despatch

In a cottage in a wood

In the barnyard

More action songs J-L YouT

Jackie the sailor

Jingle clap

Johnny, Johnny Jingles


Kuma San / Mr. Bear

Jump in the leaves

Jump, jump, jump

Jump over the moon

Jumping up and down

La la la la la la la / Tap your nose

Let everyone clap hands like me

Let’s clap, clap, clap our hands today

Little birds, little birds

Little hands, little hands

Lickety spry

Long-legged sailor

Looking for a dinosaur

Love grows under the wild oak tree

More action songs M-P YouT

Mama don’t allow

Michael row the boat

Miss Mary Mac, Mac, Mac

Mister Green Froggie

Moose, monkey, kangaroo

Move with me

Mr. Jumping Jack Man

My dog Rags

My roots go down

My ship sailed from China

My thumbs are starting to wiggle

‘Neath the spreading chestnut tree

Nicky, knacky, knocky, noo

O, I’m going to sing

Oh, my fish in the sky

Oh, what shall we do in our garden


One finger one thumb keep moving

Old Miss Sally

Old Missouri had a mule

Oliver Twist twist twist

Pickin’ a spot

Pinta la cara del sol / Paint the round face of the sun

More action songs R-S YouT

Raise your hands above your head

Riding in a buggy, Miss Mary Jane

Rock-a-bye your bear

Rolling all around in a boat on the sea

Row, boys, row

Row, row to the fishing grounds

Run like billy-o

Run, run, as fast as you can!

San Toki / Mountain bunny

Sarah the whale

Say, won’t you come along with me

Shake hands Mary

Shake, shake the apple tree

She waded in the water

Show me your right hand

Sometimes I am a sailor

Spaceship to the moon

Stop, look and listen

Sunflower, sunflower standing straight

Swim little duck

Sunday, Sunday, clap, clap, clap


A treasury of songs

Song cupboard J-K YouT

Jack the lad and Jim

Jelly on a plate

Jim Crack Corn / Big old owl

Joe the carrier’s lad

Joe Rattle

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

John Jago

John, the rabbit

Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Grotto

Johnny Todd

Katie Beardie

Keemo Kimo

Keep on the sunny side

Keyman, keyman

Kitty and mousie

Song cupboard L YouT

Land of the silver birch

Last night as I lay sleepng

Lazy coconut tree

Leave her Jonny

Let it be

Let’s all sing like the birdies sing

Let’s go fly a kite

Like little birds the months fly by

Little Bingo

Little bird on my window

Little birdie, little birdie

Little bitty bats

Little black bull / Hoosen Johnny

Little by little, big things get done

Little David play on your harp

Little hazelnut / Alunelu

Little John will be gone

Little Moses

Little Peter Rabbit

Little Rabbit Foo Foo

Little red fox

Song cupboard L 2 YouT

Little seed

Little Sir Echo

Little spring (Korean)

Little things / Little drops of water

Long, long ago

Look for the beauty

Looking for the moon

Lots of worms

Love somebody, yes I do

Lovely Rosa

Louisiana waltz song

Lukey’s boat


Lychee China white sea

Song cupboard M YouT

Magic penny

Make new friends

Mama Paquita

Mango walk

May Day in the morning

May there always be sunshine

Me grandfather died

Mi caballo blanco / My white horse

Mingulay boat song

Mole in the ground

Morningtown ride

Moscow nights

Mr. Grumps

My Aunt Jane

My boat, a little stick

My bonnie lies over the ocean

My big black dog

My father had a horse

My nipa hut

My shadow

My singing bird

Song cupboard N YouT

Nellie the Elephant

Nelly Bly

Never smile at a crocodile

Noah’s ark shanty

Nora Lee

Norwegian milking song

Song cupboard O YouT

Oh dear, what can the matter be?

Oh, Jemima, look at your Uncle Jim

Oh, we can play on the big brass drum

Old Dan Tucker

Old Joe Clark

Old MacDonald

Old Molly Hare

Old Mother Mitchell

On Ilkley Moor baht’at

One cold and frosty morning

One little pebble

One misty moisty morning

One more river

One more step

Open the window

Song cupboard P YouT

Paul’s little hen

Peace is flowing like a river

Perrie, merrie, dixi, domini

Plant a tree

Planting rice

Poppies and goslings / Papaveri e papere


Tingelinge pannenkoek

The Dutch collection


Zeg ken jij de mosselman


Advocaatje ging op reis

Als mijn vader en mijn moeder

In Den Haag daar woont een graaf

Ik stond laatst voor een poppenkraam

Zagen, zagen, wiedewiedewagen

Zeg ken jij de mosselman

Op de boerderij

On the farm

Al de eendjes YouT

Boer wat zeg je van mijn kippen

Daar reed een boer naar Leuven

Een koetje en een kalfje

In een groen knollenland YouT

Twee boerenkinderen

Zakdoekje leggen

In het bos

In the woods

De boom die wordt

Jongens meisjes aan de kant YouT

Op een grote paddenstoel YouT

Roodborstje tikt aan het raam YouT

Toemba, toemba, toemba, toemba

Zeg roodkapje

Klap eens in je handjes

Hands, feet and faces

Deze vuist op deze vuist

Dit zijn mijn wangetjes

Hak en teen

Ik heb twee mooie oren

Klap eens in je handjes YouT

Met de vingertjes

So gaat de molen YouT

Twee handjes op de tafel YouT

Het regent

It’s raining

Hannes loopt op klompen

Hansje Pansje kevertje

Het regent, het regent

Het regent op de brug

Onder moeders paraplu

Parapluutje, parasolletje

In het water

In the water

Berend Botje

De krokodil die ligt in het water

Jan Huygen in de ton

Schipper mag ik overvaren

Varen varen over de baren YouT

Visje visje in het water YouT

Witte zwanen, zwarte zwanen




The French collection 2


À Paris YouT

En passant les Pyrénées

En passant par la Lorraine

Le petit train

Les petites locos

Les roues du bus

Pour passer le Rhône

Roulez roulez YouT

Au bord de la mer

Bateau sur l’eau

Il était un petit navire

Le beau bateau YouT

Les petits poissons

Pique la baleine

Viendras-tu dans mon bateau? YouT

À la ferme

Il était une fermière

Le fermier dans son pré

Quand trois poules YouT

Rock and roll des gallinacés

Au moulin

Meunier tu dors YouT

Tourne, tourne petit moulin YouT

La nourriture

Allons chercher l’herbette

J’aime la galette

La danse des legumes YouT

Pomme de reinette et pomme d’api YouT

Rondin picotin YouT

Trempe ton pain Marie YouT

Dansons tous ensemble!

À la Monaco YouT

La Bigue Biguette

Mademoiselle voulez-vous danser?

Tous en rond dansez

Jouons tous ensemble!

C’est Gugusse YouT

La mistenlaire

Le plus nous sommes ensembles

Un soir dans sa cabane

Dans le bois

Dans la forêt lointaine

Enfilons les aiguiles du bois

Nous n’irons plus au bois

La secouette

Le furet du bois YouT

En avant!

Chevaliers de la table ronde

Fanfan la Tulipe

Le chevalier du Guet

Les fourmis marchent

Au baguette du roi

À la ronde des muets YouT

En roulant ma boule YouT

La reine à dit

Melchior et Balthazar YouT

En train de travailler

Au feu les pompiers YouT

La belette

La fille du coupeur de blé

Le facteur n’est pas passé

Scions du bois YouT

Sur le pont d’Avignon YouT

Voulez-vous le ramoneur?

Les sages et les fous

C’est Rivaut

Jean de la Lune YouT

La terre nourrit tout

La trompeuse

Train de balai

Bonjour et bonne nuit

La danse des lapins YouT

La fenotte

Mains en l’air YouT

Petit ourson

Saut du lapin


Discover my YouTube topic Playlists: community singing, Halloween, Autumn, Winter, Christmas, Spring, Summer,wet weather, poetry and rhymes, Dutch, Catalan, Spanish, French, Polish Australian and London songs, nursery rhymes, lullabies, number songs, songs about colour, wild things, sunshine zoo, farming and farm animals, seaside, circle and action games, finger rhymes and songs and more.




The French collection 1

Un, deux, trois

À la ronde jolie YouT

Passez pompons YouT



Un kilomètre à pied

Un petit bonhomme

Violette à bicyclette

Des vêtements et les couleurs

À la queue leu leu YouT

J’ai des poules à vendre YouT

Promenons-nous dans les bois

Quand Biron voulut danser

Corps et âmes

Enroulez le fil

J’ai un pied qui remue YouT

La danse du Limousin

La Lanverne YouT

La tapette YouT

La toumba YouT

Le boogie woogie

Lou Branle

Pied petitou

Pimpé, Pimpé


Têtes, épaules, genoux et pieds

Les marionettes

Jean Petit

Les marionettes YouT

Mains et pieds YouT

Petroushka YouT


En famille

Bonjour mon cousine

Drôle de machine YouT

La boîte à outils YouT

Moi j’aime papa

Quand Fanny

Chez nous

Ah! mon beau château

C’est la Chandeleur 

Dansons la capucine

Le grand cerf

Toc, toc, toc, toc YouT

Dans le jardin

Auprès de ma blonde

Le petit nid de lièvre YouT

Mon petit lapin YouT

Savez-vous planter les choux? YouT

Tournons autour de la bruyère

Une poule sur un mur YouT

Les oiseaux

Alouette YouT

Alouette sur la branche

La volette YouT

Le loriot

Passe passe passera YouT

Et animaux petits

Branle du rat YouT

Citrouille YouT


La ronde des oursons YouT

Petit escargot YouT

Un ouistiti

Y’a un rat

Animaux grands

Ah! Les crocodiles YouT

Danse de l’ours

J’ai vu le loup

Monsieur l’Ours

Qui a peur du loup? YouT

Sardines et crocodiles

Un éléphant ça trompe

Un éléphant qui se balançait


Joan del Rui

The Catalan collection


Els números i pedretes

Conillets a amagar

La gallina ponicana YouT

La pedreta

La tortuga YouT

Les pometes YouT

Pedra, pedreta

En cos i ànima

El ball de maniera YouT

El ball de Sant Cornelli

En Joan Petit YouT

Peu polidor

Si tu et vol divertir

Som els cavallers

Pica de peus

Els esclops de Pau

La dansa-sa YouT

La sardana de l’avellana

La solipanta

Napoleó YouT

Volta cap aqui

Gegant i petit

Balla el drac

El gegant del Pi

El tio fresco

Els petits putxinel li YouT

En Patufet YouT

Peix peixet

Un tren petito

Els animals

 Arri arri tatanet

El bedriol

El lleó no em fa por YouT

El ruquet valent

Escarbat bum bum

Jo tinc una cabreta

La petita granoteta

Mireu els meus ànecs

Ploreu ploreu ninetes YouT

Els oficis i la granja

Cançó dels colors YouT

El ball de la civada

El ball de Sant Ferriol

El petit vailet

Els quatre llauradors

La pastoreta

Som els bombers YouT

Aliments i beguda

Beurem una boteta

El dijous llarder

En Joan ve de la cuina

Jo tinc cinc pomes

Joan del Rui YouT

La Caterineta YouT

La coqueta amb sucre

La masovera

Olles, olles

Xim, na, na, nà YouT


La tardor

La castanyera YouT

Les fulletes YouT

L’esquirol YouT

M’agrada la tardor YouT

Pet patum

Soc un bolet YouT

Tres sis nou

De la nit, el dia i el temps

Ara plou, ara neva YouT

Dalt del diri

La lluna la pruna

Mireu alla dalt

Sol solet YouT

Trinco trinco

Anem a cantar i ballar

A la vora de la mar

Ball de cercavila de Salàs

Ball dels mocadors

La bolangera

Picarel la

Sant Antoni i el dimoni

Tots els ocells que canten



Find more Catalan songs and poems too, some by Valencian musicians such as Paco Muñoz and Dani Miquel, translated into English by Lluís Barberà i Guillem.***


Tingelinge pannenkoek

The Dutch collection


In Holland staat een huis

At home

Er was er eens mannetje

Hop Marjanneke

In de maneschijnj

In Holland staat een huis

Opa Bakebaard YouT

Woutertje, Woutertje YouT

Joepie, Joepie is gekomen

People and friends

Annamarie Katrien YouT

Groen is gras

Hinkel de pinkel

‘k Zan zo graag een ketting rijgen

Joepi, Joepi YouT

Tante Pie

We maken een kringetje

Zo zijn onze manieren


Constant heft een hobble paard

Een Nederlandse Amerikaan

En mijn een been staat

Een treintje ging uit rijden YouT

Mag ik trapje hoger gaan?

Ri ra roets

Rijden rijden in een wagentje

Wie gaat er mee

Zo zijn onze manieren

Juffrouw, wil je de polka leren

Dancing, music and games

Daar zat een klein zigeunermeisje


Heb een brilletje al voor mijn ogen

Juffrouw, wil je de polka leren

Juffrouw, wilt u mijn marmotje

Ra, ra, ra, wie heeft de bal

Twee violen en een bas, bas, bas

Één, twee, drie, vier


De zevensprong YouT

Er zalen zeven kikkertjes

Hoedje van papier YouT

Robinson Robinson

Twee emmertjes water halen

Waar is Jan met de bokkewagen

Tingelinge pannenkoek


Elssje Fiederelsje YouT

Er was er eens een vrouw

Handjes draaien YouT

Ik ben geboren in Frieseland

Ik zag twee beren

Papaegaaitje leef je nog?




La pájara pinta

The Spanish collection

Cuéntalos conmigo

Brinca la tablita

Cinco lobitos

Cinco ratoncitos YouT

Dos manitas, diez deditos YouT

La gallina popujada

Los esqueletos YouT

Pon gallinita pon YouT

Uno, dos y tres

Yo tengo una casita YouT

Mi cuerpo

Asi van, van, van YouT

Digo si, digo no

El juego chirimbolo

El juego del calentamiento

Juanito cuando baila

La Tia Monica YouT

Mi carita redondita

Mi cuerpo, mi cuerpo YouT

Saco una manita

Un ratoncito

Yo tengo una carita

Del vestido

A la zapatilla por detrás

Cantaba la rana

Juguemos en el bosque

La petaquita

La Tarara

Pico picotero YouT

Veo, veo


 A la rueda, rueda

Al corro de la patata YouT

Arroz con leche YouT

Aserrín, aserrán

Bate bate chocolate

La vaca lechera

Naranja dolce

Piñón, piñón, piñón

Yo tengo un tallarín

La granja

Al pavo pavito

Estaba una pastora

Las ocas van descalzas YouT

Los patitos YouT

Los pollitos dicen YouT

Mi gallo

Miguel, Miguel, Miguel

Patos, pollos y gallinas YouT

Qui qui ri qui

Todos los patitos

Els trabajos

Andar en tren YouT

Con mi martillo YouT

Don Piruli

El baile de la avena

El cocherito, leré

La farola del palacio


San Serini YouT

Soy el farolero


La pájara pinta

The Spanish collection


Els animals pequeños

Aquel caracol

Debajo un botón

Don Melitón

El caracolito YouT

El gato y el ratón

El toro Toronjil YouT

La cucaracha

Los pescaditos

Una mosca

Una pulga y un ratón

Hay un gran animal

A mi burro a mi burro YouT

Caballito blanco YouT

El cocodrilo

La bella naranja

La danza de la serpiente

La foca Ramona

Mirad, mirad allí YouT

Un elefante se balanceaba

Los pajaritos

Cigüeña cigüeña YouT

Doña cigüeña

La pájara pinta

Los pajaritos que van YouT

Ni tú, ni tú, ni tú

Pajarito vuela tú YouT

Del mar

A la vibora de la mar

Al pasar la barca YouT

El barco chiquitito

En alta mar

Juan Paco Pedro de la Mar

La reina de los mares

La rueda más hermosa

Se va la barca YouT

Tiburón, tiburón

Baila tú

A las estatuas de marfil

Ahora vamos a cantar

Chequi morena YouT

El chipi, chipi YouT

La mariposa

La tarantulita

Se baila el minué YouT

Taco y punta YouT

Toca el instrument

Así le hace Juan YouT


El juego de Juan Pirulero

El tambor de la Alegría

En la feria de San Juan

Gatatumba YouT

José se llama el padre

Una, do, li, tra

¡Cuánta gente!

A coger, el trébole

A la rueda de San Miguel

Doña Blanca YouT

El florón YouT

La reina Berenguela


Mirón, mirón, mirón

La noche, el dia y el tiempo

Al ánimo


Con el guri, guri, guri

La araña pequeñita


Patatin, patatin, patatero YouT

Pimpón YouT

Que llueva YouT

Tres hojita madre YouT





The Polish collection


Off we go

Jedzie pociąg YouT


Kółko graniaste

Maszerują dzieci drogą

Nie chcę cię

Nitko nitko YouT

In the forest

Jadą jadą misie YouT

Kasztanek YouT

My jesteśmy krasnoludki YouT

Orzeszki laskowe YouT

Szła dzieweczka

Food and farming

Czarny baranie YouT

Czerwone jabłuszko

Ja Kujawiak, ty Kujawiak

Mało nas

Miała baba YouT

Rolnik sam w dolinie


Wele wele wetka

Creatures great and small

Chodzi lisek koło drogi

Jeżyk YouT

Kot i mysz

Pingwinek YouT

Poszła żabka spacerować YouT

Stonoga YouT

Wlazł kotek na płotek



My są żabki

Niedźwiadek YouT

Pięć paluszków

Tańczymy labada

Tu paluszek YouT

W murowanej piwnicy

Feelings and family


Fari, fara, farum YouT

Grozik YouT


Kwiatek dla mamy YouT

Mam chusteczkę haftowaną

Ola chce wyjechać

Stoi różyczka YouT

Synkopa / The big dig YouT

Music making

Jestem muzykantem

Jestem sobie przedszkolaczek

Orkiestra YouT


Dwa malutkie misie YouT

Misia A Misia B

Nazywają mnie poleczka

Spacer po dywanie

Tańcowały dwa Michały YouT

Tańczą pajacyki


Bałwankowa rodzina YouT

Biały walcyzk

Małe czerwone jabłuszko YouT

Ola i Liście YouT

Tak się zachmurzył YouT


Zima zła YouT

Number and time


Hej, żeglujże żeglarzu YouT

Jawor jawor

Krakowiaczek jeden


Ojciec Wirgiliusz YouT

Stary niedźwiedź YouT

Taniec siedmiokroczek YouT

You can find many more songs and singing games in Polish and other languages and vidoes to watch at:

















Songs for a better world A-R

A jewel in the universe / Hear the stars sing***

A plea for a better world

Ahmed’s smile

Be kind***

Be kind to one another***

Bound for the promised land

Clean it up!

Deep blue sea

Do you know how many little stars

Good morning dear Earth

Hooray! The aliens are coming

How good and pleasant

Hymn for the Russian earth

I love to sit in silence

If I were a sunbeam

In my bones

Leave no trace

Let it be

Little blue top

Little Pixie Pick-me-up***

Little things

Look at the little things

Lots of worms

Lupin was a piggywig ***

Mother Earth

My guitar plays for the moon***

My roots go down

Now is the cool of the day

One pair of hands

Our beautiful Earth

Our planet is a garden ***

Our poor planet Earth ***

Polly the pirate’s parrot ***

Reach, reach, reach for the stars ***

Reforest our planet ***

River of song ***

Songs for a better world S-T

Sailing down my golden river

Simple gifts

Sing for the climate / Do it now

Somewhere there’s a forest

Swim on, swim on ***

The best things in life are free

The Earth is our Mother

The family of man

The garden song

The moon shines bright

The river is flowing

The sun is in my heart

The world turned upside down

This pretty planet


Songs for a better world U-Z

Welcome in the new day

What do we do when we plant a tree?*

What have they done to the rain

Where have the seals gone?

Autumn songs

Autumn songs A-E YouT

A little Autumn fairy

A little man is standing within a wood

A song of bread

All the leaves are falling

Alms for Autumn / Spindlewood, spindlewood

Apple and blackberry pie

Autumn goodbye

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves are falling

Autumn leaves are turning

Big red tractor

Bringing in the hay

Come, little leaves

Come with me and dance with me

Conkers, conkers shiny and round

Did you see the wind today? / Autumn leaves

Autumn songs F-J YouT

Falling leaves

Five golden leaves

Five little leaves

Five shiny conkers

For the golden corn

Glimmer lantern glimmer

Golden corn

Grey squirrel, grey squirrel

Harvest time

Here is an apple tree

I walk with my little lantern

Jack Frost comes creeping

John Barleycorn

Jolly October

Jump in the leaves

Autumn songs L-S YouT

Laterne, laterne

My faithful Johnny

My lantern, my lantern

My nice red rosy apple

October winds

One man shall mow my meadow

Pick up a leaf

Puff the magic dragon

Red, orange, yellow brown

Roly poly acorn / Donguri korokoro

Round go the seasons

Seasons come and seasons go

Six little acorns

Squirrel Nutkin

Sweeping with my broom

Summer, goodbye!

Autumn songs T YouT

The autumn leaves have fallen down

The Autumn wind

The country farmer’s vainglory / Harvest home

The farmer gathers his hay today

The farmer sows his seeds

The frisky little squirrel

The hayride road

The journey of the leaves

The little princess

The Little Red Hen

The loaf of bread

The miller’s song

The sound of Autumn

The tree in the wood

There were three little owls

Three little oak leaves

Tick tock change the clocks

Autumn songs U-Z YouT

Under the harvest moon / Autumn comes

Watch the Autumn leaves fall

We’re raking the leaves

We’ve come a-cob-coaling

What have you brought for harvest time

What shall we do on a nice Fall day?

When Mary goes walking

Wind in the corn

Yellow the bracken


Songs for Halloween A-H YouT

A funny little lady

A witch wears a long tall hat

Albuquerque turkey

Bats in the belfry

Black and gold

Chop, chop, choppity chop

Cut into a pumpkin

Dry bones

Every way and witch way

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate

Five spooky skeletons

Fy little bat

Fright night, hold tight

Gobbolino, the witch’s cat

Goblins and witches

Halloween / Tonight is the night

Hallowe’en counting rhyme

Halloween fun

Halloween is coming

Halloween’s coming

Have you seen the ghost of Tom?

Hawaiian boat song

Hinx minx the old witch winks

Songs for Halloween I-M YouT

I am a pumpkin, big and round

I am the witch’s cat

I made a Jack O’Lantern

I saw a ghost

If I were a witch

I’m a Jack-o’ lantern

I’m a mean old witch with a hat

In a dark, dark wood

In the Hairy scary castle

It’s Halloween!

Keep your sunny side up

Jack o’ lantern

Jack-o’-lantern (2)

Moans and groans and skeleton bones

Mrs White had a fright

Songs for Halloween O-SYouT

One little ghost

One little skeleton

One little, two little, three little witches

Once I had a pumpkin

Old mother witch

Old witch, old witch

Out on Halloween

Queen Nefertiti / The mummy

Shake them bones, two at a time

Six ghosts lurking

Souling song

Stirring the brew

Songs for Halloween T-W

The Hairy Scary castle

The happy pumpkin

The haunted house

The owl is abroad

The skeleton stomp

The witch

The witch and her cat

The witch has lost her broomstick

The witches are riding their brooms

There was an old witch

There’s a goblin in the dark

Three little pumpkins

Three scarecrows

Three little witches

To fool some folk on Halloween

Welcome said the spider

We’re witches of Halloween

Witch in the brambles

Witch, witch where do you fly?


Summer songs

Summer songs  A-E

A fish story

A picnic on the grass

Apusski dusky

Around and round Miss Maggie

Bananas, bananas / Aampar-ampar pisang

Bees! Zum! Zum

Before the roses come

Blackberries / Berries turned green

Butterflies are better bugs / Insect jamboree

Daisy, daisy, open your eye

Day oh! / The banana boat song

Down at the seashore

Down in the jungle (2)

Summer songs  G-H

Fiddle de dee! Grasshoppers three

Fishing, fishing

Five little seashells

Fly little birds in the golden sun

Georgina’s garden

Give me a bucket and spade

Have you ever been a-fishing?

Hawaiian boat song

Hello bubble

Hello ladybug

Here is a seashell

Here is the sea

Honeybee, honeybee

How does a caterpillar go?

How pleasant to sit on the beach

Summer songs I-N

I do like to be beside the seaside

I went to the beach

I will plant a garden green

I’m forever blowing bubbles

In my little garden bed / The little plant

Lily pond

Linstead Market

Little bird up in a tree

Mary Ann

Moon on the meadow

My big blue boat

My shadow

Nature carol

Nine little tailors

Summer songs O-S

Oh, Mister Sun

Oh, what a beautiful morning

Paintbox / Cauiliflowers fluffy

Picnic tea

Ring, ring my bicycle

Roll with the waves

Run little crab Seagull, seagull sit on the shore

Seagull, seagull sit on the shore (2)

Seashell, seashell

Seaside fun

Shake the papaya down

Sing a song of sunshine

Sponge fishing / Xekina mia psaropoula

Summer sunset

Summer songs  T-Z

The bees in the flowers

The bees’party

The cuckoo is a pretty bird

The dandelion and the child

The lighthouse

The little gardener

The minibeast parade

The shape of water

The sun has got his hat on

The teddy bears’ picnic

The water fairies

There I was just a-swimming in the sea

There’s a tiny caterpillar

There was a bee-i-ee-i-ee

There was a little turtle

We have planted in our garden

We sail and we sail and we stop!

Winding the Maypole



Spring songs

Spring songs A-B

A happy hug and kiss

A happy song for a Spring day

A hundred furry kittens / The wish

A little garden flower

A liitle seed

A speckled green frog

A Spring song

A sweet little robin

An egg for Easter

Apple trees in bloom

April is a rainbow month

Baby seed song

Blackbird, blackbird

Blossom on the plum

Bluebells, bluebells

Buttercups and daisies

Butterfly song

Spring songs C

Caterpillar, caterpillar

Cherry blossom

Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken

Chicks grow into chickens

Chinese dragon

Chinese New Year Dragon/ Let’s wave and say’ Ni hao’

Cornish May song

Crocus, crocus, waken up

Cuckoo, cuckoo

Spring songs D-H

Daffodillies yellow / Daffodilly came to town


Do you know the trees by name / Naming trees