Het regent

It’s raining

Hannes loopt op klompen

Hansje Pansje kevertje

Het regent, het regent

Het regent op de brug

Onder moeders paraplu

Parapluutje, parasolletje

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The songs below are part ofZingen en spelen met mij’’ The Dutch collection

compiled, adapted, translated and illustrated by Dany Rosevear

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Hannes loopt op klompen O


Show children a pair of wooden clogs; even better wear them. Stamp around the room to this song or if it is raining have a good splash in the puddles.

Hannes like Hans is a diminuitive for Johannes or Jonathan.

This song was written early in the last century but is still a popular nursery song today; text by N. Doumen, music by: P. Loots.


Watch at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzcgZinevHI


















Hannes loopt op klompen,

Zimpe zampe zompe!

Door de plassen dat het spat,

Broek en kousen worden nat.

Moeder zegt: "Hans laat dat hoor!"

Hannes die loopt stevig door,

Hij laat zich niet lompen!

Hannes has two clogs on,

Zimpy zampy zompy!

Through the puddles; splish, splash, splosh,

Socks and trousers soaked, oh gosh!

Mother tells him: ‘Stop it, Hans!’

But Hansje has other plans.

Stubborn little man won't listen!



Hansje Pansje kevertje O


This is the Dutch version of ‘Incy Wincy spider’.


Listen at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1aYXj4N5tE

Watch at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EydqE-eAdl4



Place thumbs and forefinger of opposite hands together and swap up and down to indicate climbing. Wiggle fingers raising hands high and low to make rain. Raise hands and stretch out wide to make sunshine then wiggle fingers upwards. Make same movement as the first line to show climbing.



















Hansje Pansje kevertje,

Die klom eens op een hek.

Neer viel de regen,

Die spoelde alles weg.

Op kwam de zon,

Die maakte alles droog.

Hansje pansje kevertje,

Die klom toen weer omhoog.

Hansy Pansy ladybird,

Climbed up a fence one day.

Down came the rain,

Washing everything away.

Out came the sun,

And dried up all the rain.

So Hansy pansy ladybird,

Climbed up the fence again.




Het regent, het regent O


Put on your wellies and waterproofs, go outside and enjoy playing this game in the rain. Or just sing it stamping through puddles. It’s easy to slip in wet weather so use this as an excuse to learn how to fall safely.

All sorts of people come a cropper in the rain; children, nurses, teachers - children are sure to be able to think of more.


Listen at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5zVKRKCWxc

Watch at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9SyENnPgXc












Het regent, het regent,

De pannetjes worden nat.

Daar kwamen twee boerinnetjes aan,

Die vielen op gat.

It's raining, it's raining,

The rooftops are wet as well.

There came two farmers walking along,

WHOOPS! - on their bottoms fell!


Another Dutch song with the same tune:

Marijke, Marijke wat kost er je groene thee,

Ik heb er van zes, van acht, van tien,

van twaalf kan ik je ook laten zien,

Marijke, Marijke wat kost er je groene thee.

Marika, Marika, how much is your green tea?

I have six, eight, ten, twelve,

I can also show you what costs there,

Marijke, Marijke your green tea.

Hold hands and walk round.



Drop hands and fall down.



Het regent op de brug O


‘On the bridge it’s raining’ but if you’re there to enjoy yourself you won’t notice the rain.


Watch at:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIk6ncuYaWQ&feature=related

Listen at: http://www.amazon.com/Het-regent-op-de-brug/dp/B002CCFN3I


Children stand in a circle with hands held up to make a bridge.




















‘t Regent op de brug, en ik word niet nat,

Ik ben nog iets vergeten, maar ik weet niet wat.

Kom, mijn zusje (sister), dans met mij,

Zet je handjes in je zij.

Heen en weer, heen en weer,

Drie maal in de rondte en ik dans niet meer.

On the bridge it rains but I'm not so wet,

I’ve forgotten something, but I don’t know yet.

Come, my good friend, dance and skip,

Put your hands up on your hips.

Go flip flop, go flip flop,

Turn around three times and then my dance will stop!

One child skips in and out of the arches.


The child chooses a friend and dances with them in the circle. All children place hands on hips and move from side to side.

Those in the circle skip round with hands on hips while the two in the middle hook arms and skip round.


The game continues with the new child until all the children have been chosen.




Onder moeders paraplu O


The words of this song were written in 1910 by Anna Sutorius and the music is by Johannes Petrus Wierts and now has been translated into English by Dany Rosevear.

It is an easy song to mime walking around the classroom with a partner.


Watch at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhxafvdLzlE






















Onder moeders paraplu,

Liepen eens twee kindjes.

Hanneke en Janneke,

Dat waren dikke vrindjes.

En hun klompjes gingen klik, klak, klik,

En de regen deed van tik, tak, tik,

Op moeders paraplu,

Op moeders paraplu.

Under mother’s umbrella,

Walked two little children.

Hanneka and Janneka,

They were the best of friends then.

And their wooden shoes went a-clip, clip, clop,

And the rain was tapping with drip, drip, drop,

On mother’s umbrella,

On mothers umbrella.


Toen kwam Jan de Wind erbij,

Die joeg eerst heel zoetjes.

Toen al hard en harder maar,

De regen in hun snoetjes.

En Jan de Wind, die rukte en trok,

En op en neder ging de stok,

Van moeders paraplu,

Van moeders paraplu.

Then came John the Wind so chill,

First he blew soft breezes,

As he chased them harder still,

The rain got in their noses.

And then John the Wind he tugged and pulled,

And then up and down went the stick I’m told,

Of mother’s umbrella,

Of mother’s umbrella.

Maar Hanneke en Janneke,

Dat waren flinke klantjes!

Ze hielden stijf de paraplu,

In allebei hun handjes.

En ze lachten blij van hi, ha, hi!

En ze riepen: Jan, jij krijgt hem nie!

't Is moeders paraplu,

't Is moeders paraplu!

But Hanneka and Janneka,

Were two sturdy children!

They tightly held that umbrella,

That both their hands were gripping.

And they laughed and chuckled with a ha, ha, ho!

And cried: Jan you’ll never get it, oh no, no!

It’s mother’s umbrella,

It’s mother’s umbrella!




Parapluutje, parasolletje O


Find out the difference between an umbrella and a parasol.


Listen at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71dVPS-_xF4


Half the group stand in spaces around the room; the other half holds an umbrella.

A hoop (puddle) may be used to define where each child stands before swapping places by children jumping in or out of the hoop depending on their position on the word ‘Pardon!’











Parapluutje, parasolletje,

Eentje voor de regen,

De ander voor de zon,


An umbrella, or a parasol,

One is for the rain,

And the other for the sun.


The children with an umbrella run in and out of the others. On ‘Pardon!’ they stop in front of a child and hand over the umbrella.

The game continues with these new children now hopping round the room.

Each time a different movement is suggested by the leader e.g. skipping, jumping, tip toeing etc.

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